Oakland Raiders Shouldn’t Say Bye to Jason Campbell Too Fast

So we all know the story of how the Oakland Raiders gave up a first round pick in 2012, and possibly another in 2013, depending if they reach the AFC Championship game in the next two seasons, to get Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer.

Given the size of the trade package that was sent to Cincinnati, many fans and commentators have declared that Jason Campbell has played his final game as an Oakland Raider.  It is widely believed that Carson Palmer is the new franchise quarterback.

I say not so fast.

Although it may be unfair to judge Palmer based on a game that he wasn't expecting to play after only spending a week with his new team with an injured Darren McFadden, he did throw three interceptions and had a passer rating about as bad as Kyle Boller had.

Time and again, Hue Jackson has said "the time is now" and he wants to win right away.  Jason Campbell has had two years in the offense while Palmer has had two weeks.  Once Campbell is healthy, whether it's only six weeks or the rest of the year, he will still have much more experience and knowledge of the offense than Palmer.  

When Campbell was leading the team, he had the Raiders looking like a playoff team.  Since he got injured, the offense has been very unimpressive with their only touchdown being from Shane Lechler on a fake field goal.  

Sure, Palmer will get better and it's great that he is working with the skill position players during the bye week, but once Campbell is healthy he will be the better option.  

Campbell may be in a contract year, but if Hue Jackson promises him the starting job, he would surely stay in Oakland.  Palmer is under contract to make $2.5 million this year but then have a sharp increase in salary over the next four years.  

Unless Palmer really looks good through the rest of the season, I say cut or trade him and re-sign Campbell.  Then let ...

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