Oakland Raiders Should Strive Beyond Themselves, Above Themselves, Below None

A Little Pep Talk

"Stay the course" is a phrase that I heard Coach Tom Cable use in one of his media interviews. It has prompted me to think about striving and pressing toward a goal or a mark in the NFL.

If, in fact, each team in the NFL is unique, then the Oakland Raiders are unique. Uniqueness defies comparability. In other words, the quality of uniqueness can not be compared to any other team.

If compared, then the comparison determines who is above or below another team. In fact, the uniqueness of the Oakland Raiders guarantees that there is a quality that they have that no other team has. Now, who can determine that "unique" factor? Seriously, tell us what you think.

Those unique factors are intangibles which are not easily measured.

The uniqueness of the Oakland Raiders is like a composite DNA of the team. This makes sense because each player is unique so the combination of talents, intangibles, immeasurables and spiritual qualities of the team are unique. Once there is a true synergy in place, those collective qualities will stand out, and will drive the team to victories.

When we consider the phrase "beyond" themselves, we realize that the competition is within the standard for excellence for each player and within the franchise or team.

A higher level of excellence is to be measured by previous accomplishments of the Oakland Raiders, and not comparisons with other teams. 

Each Oakland Raider must improve above and beyond last year's performance levels. Personal goals must be enhanced. The intensity of focus of each player must be turned up, high up.

Each player must strive to raise the standards and expectations of his performance, and gauge his growth against what he did in a game, for example, against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

There is always room for improvement. Dealing with that reality is capable of dr...

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