Oakland Raiders Should Start Mike Mitchell, Sit Michael Huff…Now!

This is ridiculous.  Same old safety being out of position long touchdown runs?  How much can we take?

Mitchell is always in position. Did the coaches not see the goal line stop and the two run plays he blew up?

Don't listen to the false rumor that someone posted to the Internet about coaches wanting to release him.

He can be a Hall of Famer if you give him a chance.  I am not kidding.  I watched every play from last year and he is the real deal.

We cannot afford to wait any longer.  Safety is the last line of defense for these long runs.  If Branch whiffs on the line, Huff should be right behind to back him up.  Basic football stuff.

While I am at it, bench Mario Henderson now! Start Veldeheer at left tackle and bring in Bruce Campbell ,too.

The O-line is our issue.  We had all offseason to clean it up and this is what we get?  Start a rookie at center who is our future Hall of Fame left tackle?  Makes no sense, period.   And you still think Russell was the problem?  Go take a football 101 class and get back to me.

I feel bad for the team when our coaches are making bonehead decisions.   Fix the O-LINE now or we have no chance. 

Give Mitchell his due.  He has earned it on the field of play, PERIOD!

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