Oakland Raiders: Should Raider Nation Be Wary of Another Let Down?

Each and every year for the past seven years, the Oakland Raiders have been horrid in virtually every category (with the exception of the number three overall defense in 2006).

It's widely known that Raider Nation has members that are the most passionate fans in the NFL.

So, it's only natural that each off-season for the past seven years Raider fans have had a glimmer of hope—something that kept them going.

Every year is the same: "The Raiders will be the biggest surprise in the NFL!" We exclaim. JaMarcus is a savior, Kiffin is the next Madden. We'd said it all.

However, Oakland always disappoints us. This year is different, we say.

We have a legit quarterback.

The Wide Receivers are better.

Our run-stopping woes will end.

We have a good coaching staff.

Or is this year really any different than any other year? Will the Raiders fail again?

Could things really get worse?

We won't know until the season begins. This is just food for thought. Personally, I say Playoffs. But that's what I always say. Moral of the story: do not keep your hopes too high, Raider Nation.

That would take us down an all too familiar path.

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