Oakland Raiders Should Only Fix What Needs Fixing

When first hired, Oakland Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie must have thrown his hands up and said, "What is all this mess?" upon learning the team's salary-cap situation. So he did what he had to do to get the Raiders under the cap, and I can commend him for that.

He cut Kamerion Wimbley, Aaron Curry, Stanford Routt, Kevin Boss, John Henderson, and Chris Johnson. That's about $25 million worth of salary the Raiders have coming off the books in 2013.

But, as new regimes usually do, he fixed things that weren''t broken. As we all know, fixing things that aren't broken usually leads to that very thing breaking.

That is what made the Raiders "regress" this year after barely missing the playoffs last year. Now that the great regression has happened, there should be some changes on the way. But if the team continues to fix things that aren't broken, the Raiders may not win a single game in 2013. 

There is talent to build from on the team, but they need to let the players do what they do best. There are assistants on the coaching staff from last year who know how to use the talent on the team.

There are also players on the bench who I believe can help with an increased role. If the Raiders don't fix too much, add through free agency, then add through the draft, they can be competitive in 2013.

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