Oakland Raiders Should Bring in Bruce Gradkowski Now? A Titans Game Review

 The "Fire on the Field", a "Field General", this is what the Oakland Raiders needed to take home a win against the Tennessee Titans. Instead, they got an applauding head coach at the 3 pts. they made to end the half, yet losing 18 pts. Nice.

   Fortunately, the Oakland Raider defense played well and RB Darren McFadden proved himself a solid RB.

  But in the leadership department, QB Jason Campbell played as if he was pacing. The Oakland Raiders were down by  6- 24 by the half. This was in part to a decision for field goal instead of going for it.

Another weakness in the shield of Silver and Black was the center, Jason Veldheer. Veldheer is huge but as a rookie he constantly hiked incorrectly , causing Jason Campbell to scramble for the ball as the defenders rushed in.

               Can not the Oakland Raiders afford a decent center? Barrett Robbins?

     Lastly was the offensive line. In one word, stench.  This was not just just unacceptable it was simply disappointing.Where were the recievers? Bey had maybe 2 catches and Zach Miller used 4 times. Murphy dropped passes and looked horrible. This team needs to really get into the same groove or they will crash again.                       

 The defense did a great job holding back Chris Johnson and his TD was a bad play but it happened. Another positive for the Oakland Raiders was the performance by McClain. Rolando McClain looked really good. He is big, fast and played coverage aggressively. Rolando McClain is a great addition.


     Like many fans I expected the Oakland Raiders to return to the field on fire after the half. Time for some payback a...

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