Oakland Raiders: Should Al Davis and Co. Take a Shot at Shaun Rogers?

First off, let me start off by saying this is my 100th article. I want to thank everyone in Raider Nation for reading my articles and giving me feedback. It seems like just yesterday that I joined Bleacher Report, and I've grown not just as a writer, but as a true lover of the game we call football. Raider fans are the best fans on the planet, and the best on Bleacher Report. Thanks, guys.

Now, to some Raider football!

So, I just found out that Shaun Rogers has been released by the Browns. My first thought? "It's about time." My second? "Wait, the Raiders could really use this guy!"

Rumors have been swirling that Oakland is preparing to switch the defense to a 3-4, which the team already has the personnel for aside from the inside linebacker and nose tackle positions.

Inside linebacker isn't a problem. The Raiders can easily pick up a starting linebacker in the early-mid rounds. Linebackers are usually diamonds in the rough whom teams find in the middle of the draft.

However, I've recently been worried that we might not find a suitable nose tackle via draft or free agency. Now that the massive 6'4", 350-pound Rogers has been released, I'm thrilled.

The Raiders' main problem on defense the past few years has been their run stoppage, or lack thereof. Oakland almost never has a true nose tackle on its roster.

That might have slipped by when the Raiders ran the 4-3. Still, it was a major hole. Now, with a 3-4 defense on the horizon, the Raiders defense would virtually be shut down without a nose tackle.

Now for the record, I'm not all for moving the Raider defense from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Most teams struggle in their first year in a new defense.

The thing I'm most worried about, though, is the fact that Tommy Kelly has no place in a 3-4. He'd make for a great defensive end, yes, but the Raiders have Richard Seymour and LaMarr Houston, two players who aren't going anyw...

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