Oakland Raiders: Seven Things We Have Learned From The Preseason So Far

The pre-season is only the pre-season, we all know that. Results don't matter that much, as for much of the game the second and third string players are on the field competing against each other.

In Art Shell's last tenure as head coach, Oakland went 4-0 in the pre-season, only to to go 2-14 in the games that mattered. So the fact that the Raiders are 2-0 o far doesn't mean that much on it's own. But individual performances mean a lot, and the overall look of the team with the starters on the field is also  important.

Yes, the schemes that teams show is largely just basic, vanilla stuff, and is no more than a general guide.

But you mix these games with training camp performances, and we can start t draw some conclusions about players and units.

So here goes.


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