Oakland Raiders: Seven Players on the Wrong Side of the Roster Bubble

The Oakland Raiders got a lot better in the off season this year. In fact they may have made more improvements to their team than any other franchise in the league.

But to get better, you have to add better players. When you add better players, some of those names from seasons past are jettisoned to accommodate those additions. There are several players who didn't make the most of the chances they had in 2009, and they might well pay for it in the final roster cut downs in 2010.

There are some players who came on board in free agency, players who you would expect to make the roster even if not as a starter who are in danger of being pushed out by younger, or simply just better players.

I think that it is a testament to the strength of the current team that players who would be guaranteed of a roster spot in years past might now be waived or released.

Believe me when I say, there are some worried Raider players out there.

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