Oakland Raiders Seek Continuity and Elasticity

Most things in life can be described as continuous or elastic, or as some type of function or its inverse.

Let's just say that the Oakland Raiders are seeking to regain their continuity and elasticity.

They are trying to construct an set of inverse functions to reverse the patterns of the past seven years.

For example something is continuous if it does not have holes or breaks and has no loss of mass. This definition is for the everyday reader.

Something is elastic if it undergoes a stretching or shrinking transformation and can return to its original form after the deformation.

And something can be reversed if you can find the inverse function of the process or condition and map a point, say, (b,a), back to (a,b). Or if you can construct a function that is a mirror image of the original or desired function with respect to a line y = x.

Now to apply this to the situation for the Oakland Raiders.

At this very moment the players are training and attempting to construct a set of behaviors, plays, etc. to regain their status in the NFL. No one is happy about a 5-11 record. Of course, if the coaches and team can construct a set of behaviors, plays and outcomes that yield an 11-5 record, then an inverse or reversal will have been successfully constructed.

Let's just say the coaches and players are hoping to get their elasticity back and move away from their deformed state and back to a state of becoming champions and contenders for the Super Bowl.

Now, let's ask the question: What stretched the Oakland Raiders out of shape, and stretched them so much that they loss their groove? Was it bad coaching? Was it a poor mix of players? Was it the so-called meddling of Al Davis?

Or was it all of the above and more?

Clearly, to reverse this the Raiders will have to understand what deformed the process of winning in the first place. Once that is i...

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