Oakland Raiders’ Sacred Cows and Pearls: Al Davis Causes Irritation

Are the coaches of the Oakland Raiders walking on egg shells lately? Clearly, there are no sacred cows in the mind of Al Davis, and heads may roll, to your surprise, while Davis purposefully irritates the dynamics of the team.

Well, one reason this may be happening is to uncover whatever incompetence may be cloaked and lurking in the lower level coaching positions and in the players.

There was a time I would connect myself to the accomplishments of the students. I would say, "A teacher is only as good as her students." Poor learning, poor teaching. Of course, the assumption was that the students were, indeed, comprehending the quality instruction and inspiration given by the teacher. This may not be the case these days.

Are the players really responding optimally to the instructions and advisement of the coaches? If they are, then the inadequacies are in the content and character of the instruction and advisement of the coaches.

Next, if the content and advisement are inadequate, then change the coaches so as to maximize the use of quality content and character of the coaching of young, gifted players.

Well, changes do cause irritations. Irritations can cause the development of "pearls" in the Oakland Raiders franchise.

When Jason Campbell was benched, that caused an irritation. Once he returned to the field, we noticed a "pearl," a valuable Oakland Raiders quarterback. Would he have increased in his effectiveness and efficiency if he had not been irritated and benched?

Someone taught a lesson this morning about pearls and catfish. If I understood him correctly, then a large catfish can cause some trouble to humans if it mutates. I instantly thought, "No wonder some folks don't eat catfish." If there are "mutated catfish in your team or life, then swim away from them, quickly."

Separating yourself from the "mutated catfish" will help optimize the atta...

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