Oakland Raiders: Run With the Pack or Get Left in the Dust

First and foremost, I know I have been extremely vocal and critical of Al Davis' decisions regarding Oakland, to the point where I have nearly lost all faith in him and his wacky ways but I have come to a conclusion on the matter..

He has experience.

He has 3 championship rings; it doesn't matter from what time-frame. That's impressive; it shows that he knows the game. Things have changed since the last Oakland run—but football will always be football and players will always be players.

The game doesn't change, aspects and rules may differ—but it's still offense versus defense, Al Davis knows this and despite the losing seasons, we never went 0-16.

People say Davis' "business ethic" is played out—is that the truth? Is that really a fact?

Al Davis was doing this for longer than most of us have been born. He loves his Raiders and while we may sometimes think he's out to sabotage the team like Moose'ifer and I thought—I don't think that's as true as I look at the situation from a new perspective.

I think it comes down to a stubborn old man who is going to run things his way, because it's his team. He feels he has the formula to win and that people aren't mixing the ingredients correctly, which is why we can't have a winning season—like the Chiefs did—something which probably decided Cable's fate.

Yes—Tom Cable is gone. Yes—Nnamdi's contract is up and roughly two dozen other players but is that really a bad thing? The most important free-agent in my honest opinion isn't Nnamdi, its Zach Miller. Is Nnamdi valuable? Of course he is, but Zach should be the primary focus.

"What about Richard Seymour?" I'll get to that.

Zach has been the constant in a struggling Oakland offense since he was drafted; he moves chains and scores touchdowns when our Receivers aren't able to get open. Losing Zach would be a big blow ...

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