Oakland Raiders Rumblings: Bruce Gradkowski Taking First-Team Snaps in Practice

In the postgame press conference after the Steeler game head coach Tom Cable said that Jason Campbell would remain the starting QB despite getting benched in the third quarter for Bruce Gradkowski.  He went on to say that putting in Gradkowski didn't make much of a difference in the outcome of the game.  He made these statements before watching the game on tape.

Did Tom Cable see something on tape that he didn't see during the game last week?  From what I saw Bruce was getting the ball out a lot quicker than Campbell was.  That's what you have to do against a dominant pass rush.  Campbell's long wind-up and lack of protection was a terrible combination against the Steelers.  He was completely ineffective against the Steelers. 

After watching the game on film maybe Tom Cable changed his mind and now believes that Gradkowski would have had the Raiders in that game and maybe would have even been able to win it.  We might have even had a chance if he went to Gradkowski after the half. 

Reports now are that Bruce Gradkowski has taken most, if not all, of the reps in practice with the first-team offense this week.  That, usually, is an indication of who will be the starting QB.  There is no reason to give Gradkowski all the reps in practice if he is going to be the second-stringer. 

The Raiders, of course, haven't said anything on the QB situation.  The last thing we heard from Cable was that Jason Campbell is the starter and that there is no controversy.  Hue Jackson was quoted saying, "We don't like to play musical chairs at QB." 

If you go by what the coaches are saying you'd think Campbell is the starting QB.  With Gradkowski taking all of the reps in practice this week I think it is safe to say that he'll be under center when the Raiders take the field against the Dolphins.

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