Oakland Raiders Roster Cuts: The Good, the Bad and the ‘Ugh!’

Al Davis, Tom Cable, and the Oakland Raiders have made their choices and the roster cuts are complete. Some cuts were expected, some were surprises, and some don't make any sense at all.

Let's just say, I was worried when I saw the initial cuts, but after seeing the practice squad list, I'm as excited about the upcoming regular season as I was on Friday evening.

The team kept more players at some positions than I expected, and less at others. There are seven wide receivers, only two tight ends, and just one fullback on the roster. This puzzles me.

The good? The offensive line looks much more solid than it did at the beginning of camp.

The bad? Why would you carry seven wide receivers, but only two tight ends and one fullback?

The "Ugh?" Some of the players kept have not be even close to productive, and some that were cut have shown very well.

What follows is my take on where the team got it right, where they went wrong, and the ramifications of the decisions that were made.

We'll start with the good, stick with me here...

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