Oakland Raiders: Rolando McClain Bringing The Ghost Of Christmas Past

You heard it here first!  Rolando McClain's new nickname is GiftWrap. The GW stands for, "Great Job!"

McClain is leading a resurgence in Oakland that is reminiscent of the glory years of John Madden and Jack Tatum.

A player or two away from becoming a contender at the Conference Championship level, Rolando McClain aka GiftWrap has been one of the best players coming out of a 2010 draft that is regarded as the deepest draft in decades.

Rolando McClain knocked out Darren Sproles with his right shoulder in the open field today and bounced up celebrating over him.

One can picture McClain after getting drafted was sitting back watching Darren Sproles on TV in a commercial that pictured Sproles Parko two guys to get away from him and saying to himself,  "Try that (expletive deleted) on me mother (expletive deleted).  I dare you."

The score was 21-3 at the time and with Sproles out of the game, the Charges settled for a 50-yard field goal try that fell five yards short.  It was a desastrous end to the first half against the Raiders who will end up walking away with this game in what would be a laugher if there weren't so many Chargers weren't getting hurt.


The celebration is on in Oakland!

Rolando McClain is one of the early new stars of an excellent rookie draft class in the NFL.

McClain plays with a mean streak.  Earlier this year he spun a receiver over his head and slammed him back first onto the ground while still holding his legs straight up in the air.

Rolando is bringing back the ways the Raiders played in the 70's, a gift to a fanbase who enjoys watching a phenom who is as precise in his tackling as he is viscous. Hence the name GiftWrap.

Break out the dolls for Christmas. 'Giftwrap' is coming to stores near you!

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