Oakland Raiders Rising to the Top May Help Oakland’s Economy

If the Oakland Raiders play football for a cause that is greater than themselves, might that help revive the economy of the city of Oakland?

Recently, the news media carried a story of the layoffs of policemen in Oakland, California. This news report inspired the question of the relationship between a winning team in a city and the economy of that city.

Recently, some folks believe that the move of LeBron James away from Cleveland will hurt the economy of Cleveland.

Well, if one basketball player's move can shake the economy of a city one way or another, then certainly it is possible to believe that one team, like the Oakland Raiders, can have a positive effect on Oakland, California.

So, perhaps if the Oakland Raiders see themselves as good pirates who do things that spur the economy of the city, it would be a better year for everyone involved.

A winning team would probably inspire more folks to celebrate, buy souvenirs and get more people to attend the home games of the Raiders. Tourism would increase, too. More fans who live outside of California might fly to Oakland to attend the home games. What do you think?

In 2010, the Oakland Raiders can make their contribution to the ailing economy of the city of Oakland by doing the following: JUST WIN BABY!

Think of it this way: A winning Oakland Raiders team in 2011 can spur a city to flourish a little more and thereby slow down the layoffs such as the recent layoffs of Oakland policemen.

Go Raiders! JUST WIN BABY! The wins in the 2011 season just might help the city of Oakland win again.

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