Oakland Raiders: Review of Injuries in 2009 and May They Decline!

Let the injuries decline

As we look back on the 2009 season for the Oakland Raiders, we see that there were double digit frequencies of injuries.

But it seems there were a declining number of injuries of the Oakland Raiders as the season progressed to week 17. That's a bit of good news.

The weeks of the 2009 season when our players had a tough time were weeks four through eight and 16. During those weeks, we had injuries that were double digits.

Here is the table:

Week        Number of Injuries

1 7 2 6 3 8 4 10 5 10 6 10 7 12 8 12 10 9 11 6 13 6 14 6 15 9 16 10 17 8 The graph of the data may give you more insight into what happened in this category in 2009.

Note that the regression line has a negative slope. It means that our team was declining in the number of injuries during the end of the season. 

As we look at the data for weeks 10 through 15, the Raiders were holding up fairly well.

During the last two weeks of the season, the injuries shot up to double digits with 10 injuries, and then during the final week, there were eight injuries.

Greg Ellis was listed on the Injury Report 10 times in the 2009; he is one example of a player who may have been injury prone.

But what does this mean? What story is this data telling? Is it that we are prone to have a double digit in the number of players who get injured during each week?

Well, this data is for last year. In 2010, since we are doing a lot of preparation and self-study, we will anticipate improvement in the area of injuries.

Toughen up, Oakland Raiders!

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