Oakland Raiders Release JaMarcus Russell

According to AP , the Oakland Raiders have reportedly released JaMarcus Russell. The move will save the Raiders over six million dollars and pave the way for Jason Campbell to be the unquestioned leader of the Raiders' offense.

It's a happy day for many members of Raider Nation and a sad day for others. Russell may have been the most polarizing player to ever wear the silver and black. While some insist he was never given the proper chance to succeed, others put the blame for his failure on Russell, himself.

Whatever side of the argument you're on this is a move that allows supporters and detractors to move on and support the team that will be on the field in 2010. Jason Campbell is our guy, like it or not, and deserves our full support.

As for Russell, I hold him no ill will. I think in the right situation he might still become a productive NFL quarterback. Unfortunately, it won't be as a Raider.


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