Oakland Raiders Regress: They Now Have the Look of the 2009 Raiders

Watching the last two games, it looks as if the "Great Regression" has hit Raider Nation.

No wonder why the Raiders are getting blacked out on a weekly basis with one exception. After an uninspiring blowout loss the Pittsburgh Steelers, they follow it with another to the Miami Dolphins.

The second of the two was much worse as the the Dolphins are a big step down from the Steelers. Also factoring into the equation is the fact that the Raiders were at home after losing in Pittsburgh. 

This all happened after the Raiders looked new and improved after having a share of first place in the AFC West. At one time, the Raiders were ranked in the top 10 and total offense and total defense.

But on Sunday, the Raiders had neither.

The offensive line could get no push to run the football.

The Raider defense gave up the big play in the running game.

The Raiders once again had horrible play at the quarterback position.

This looked a lot like the 2009 Oakland Raiders.

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