Oakland Raiders’ Recent Decisions Are Not Shaky, Raider Nation, Watch and See

I have a strong intuition that the Oakland Raiders are going into this week's game at Arizona against with fire and a fighter's attitude.

You can be sure that when the players saw that the coaches made a quick decision to shift things around, they perked up and got their stuff together. They thought, "I could be next."

The pressure is on to get two consecutive wins. For now, Jason Campbell does not seem to flourish when the pressure mounts up to a whistling level somewhat like a pressure cooker.

I support Jason Campbell, but he has to learn a lesson. Those lessons are going to have to be learned during practice, especially this week.

If the Oakland Raiders want us to believe that something has changed for the positive, then give the Raider Nation a win again.

For now, let's trust the decision to start with Bruce Gradkowski. If the pattern of consecutive wins can be established, it will boost the morale of the team and fans, who just might start buying more tickets to avoid those blackouts.

A lot of data has been discussed in many of my articles. This problem is more in the area of drive, passion, stamina, leadership, and other intangibles.

A good and hearty kick in the rear is good for Jason Campbell, and it just might spur him to start responding, flowing, and getting into the rhythm of it all with the Oakland Raiders.

Go Raiders! Move up in the NFL!

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