Oakland Raiders: Raiders Past Drafts Success or Failure from 2003-2010

The Oakland Raiders are a team that has constantly been bashed for having poor draft choices.  The most common example is JaMarcus "Skittles" Russell.  Russell was a player that the Raiders drafted in 2007, and I'll be the first to admit I was ecstatic about the pick.  The Raiders needed a quarterback, and who would you of suggested they take?  When all the draft "experts" start calling a rookie quarterback a "top five player" or the next John Elway of course we are going to be happy about drafting him.  Of course now we all know Russell is the biggest bust of all time.  This got me thinking what about the other Raiders draft selections, how many other busts have they had?  In addition to the busts what about the success they had in the draft too.  I will talk about the Raiders Success and Failure in the 1st round since 2003.  Lets get started 

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