Oakland Raiders: Raider Players Who Could Break Out Under Al Saunders

Now that Hue Jackson is the head coach, Al Davis has hired Al Saunders to be the offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders.

Saunders brings 40 years of coaching experience, including many years as a wide receiver position coach.

The wide outs coached by Sauders have had some the best seasons in history. The Super Bowl XXXIV champion St. Louis Rams crew of Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt, Az-Zahir Hakim and Ricky Proehl set records for team receiving that may never be topped.

So, who will be the breakout players for the Raiders under Saunders?

With Saunders' history, coaching background and offensive philosophy, it's likely to be the wide receivers, quarterback and tight ends.

Let's have a look at the Raider players that could have breakout years playing for Al Saunders...

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