Oakland Raiders: Raider Nation Women Must Show Their Support at Games

Pep Talk and Invitation

It's time to show more support for the Oakland Raiders.

After a stellar performance with a total of 59 points earned in the game against the Denver Broncos, one way to celebrate the victory is to show up at the game on Oct. 31.

A tangible expression of our awareness and appreciation for a job well done would be to fill the house or stadium with fans.

Every daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, aunt or other must invite someone to the game.

Women, we have a voice and showing up to the game on Sunday would be a way to show the United States and the NFL that we appreciate the growth in our team, the Oakland Raiders.

If you can't make it to the stadium then go to a sports bar or restaurant. Wear your gear and cheer them to victory.

This is the time to show up, somewhat like a rally during the '60s. I repeat, wear your gear and cheer the Raiders to consecutive victories.

The team will make the headlines again if they can pull it off.

We expect Darren McFadden to do his thing. The quarterbacks must be energetic, smart and on target, too.

The defense and offense must show their best strategies. So many people are snarling, growling and predicting that the Oakland Raiders cannot do it two times in a row.

Let's defeat that negativity right now.

Break another record. The Oakland Raiders must have two wins and put the naysayers in a tailspin.

Another way to shock the naysayers is for an overwhelming number of fans to show up at the game and express an overwhelming response to last week's victory.

Show up and show out! Where? At the Oakland Raiders game on Oct. 31.

Go Raiders!

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