Oakland Raiders: Raider Nation Has Rules to Constrain Fan Behavior

It's a rainy day and you decided to take your umbrella to the game. Ooops! You can't take an umbrella into the Coliseum.

You visited the sports store and you decided to get that beautiful flask with the Oakland Raiders logo on it. Wow! You can't take a flask into the Coliseum.

You are watching the game and you see that the referees have miscalled a play. You curse. Nope, you can't do that either.

Seats are empty to the left and right of you. You move to another seat to get a better view of the game. Careful! You are not supposed to sit in a seat that does not have your ticket number on it.

Is that all? No, there are more rules.

The game is tense and tight. Your team almost makes a catch, but the ball is intercepted. You curse or "cuss." No, no, no. The rules say that you are not to use profanity.

I know what you are thinking: Get the 18-wheel truck and haul most of the fans to jail, because there is always a lot of expletives and cursing around, above and below you.

Here are some of the rules from www.raiders.com:

Bags larger than 18"W x 12"H x 8"D. Hard-sided containers of any size, including coolers and thermoses. Glass bottles, aluminum cans, flasks, and camelbacks. Containers carrying liquids of any kind. Alcoholic beverages. Illegal drugs. Weapons of any kind. Fireworks. Projectiles, including Frisbees, footballs and inflatable balls. Any size pole or stick. Umbrellas of any kind. Artificial noisemakers of any kind. Video cameras. Still cameras with lenses longer than 3". Laser pointers, computers and large radios. Portable chairs. Scooters, bicycles, roller skates and skateboards. Inappropriate attire or signage. Non-service animals. The rules say that you are not to bring video cameras, yet the cell phones have video capability.

No weapons are allowed but an angry fan can turn a shoe, purse or cell phone into a weapon.

It says no...

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