Oakland Raiders: Questioning the Loyalty of Raider-Nation

Raider fans have had a reputation for being some of the most hardcore loyal fans around. We wear our colors proud, we get wild at home games, tail-gate like no ones business and have even been known to take over our opponents stadiums.

But lately things have been different. The Raiders haven't even been selling out, hell they've had trouble filling the Oakland Coliseum to half capacity.

Look at the fans of the Raiders opponent this week, the San Francisco 49ers.

They haven't even won a game this year and have sold out every home game this year. Like the Raiders its been seven long years since the 49ers have seen the post-season. 

Does this mean their fans are more loyal than Raider fans?

Blame it on the economy, the last seven years, or the fact that the Raiders don't have a single primetime game this season. Whatever, something is wrong and it seems like Raider-Nations' spirit is broken.

I know Raider fans are still out there, I see them everyday. I see shirts, jackets, hats, car decals and other gear donning the Raider logo everyday. Hell, I wear them myself.

Then why aren't we attending games?

Have seven years of disappointment discouraged us enough not to spend money on tickets?

Has the economy, lay-offs, paycuts, the cost of living and out-sourced jobs all hit Raider-Nation that hard?

Or hey maybe the terms of your probation don't allow you to attend football games.

For the fans who simply can't afford to attend games or are somehow legally barred from attending games, they can be excused.

The ones who are simply discouraged, I will tell you that it's a two way street.

How do you think the players feel when they see thousands of empty seats every week? Should the players be willing to put their bodies on the line every play for fans who don't even bother to show up to the ...

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