Oakland Raiders Quarterbacks Not the Focus: This Is Darren McFadden’s Team!

People around Raider Nation are still screaming for Bruce Gradkowski even after the Oakland Raiders put a 59-14 whipping on the Denver Broncos. Jason Campbell posted a season high rating of 127 but that doesn't seem to be good enough.

I believe Campbell should be given another opportunity based on his performance against the Broncos. However, I would scream either way because neither guy is good enough to say "he will take us."

Neither one of them are the most important man on the Raider offense. Darren McFadden is hands down the most valuable offensive player on the team.

It's a lot like the 1983 Raiders. Owner Al Davis wanted Marc Wilson and head coach Tom Flores wanted Jim Plunkett. Plunkett ended up being the man at the helm, but he would even tell you that he wasn't the most important offensive player.

That was Marcus Allen.

Now with the quarterback position unsettled, McFadden is that guy. Turn the page to see why.

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