Oakland Raiders QB Jason Campbell: Is This the Second Coming of Daryle Lamonica?

Now, after spitting coffee all over the monitor (or Eggnog), let me state something simple. No, I don't imagine Jason Campbell is going to be an awesome QB that will lead the Raiders to several playoff berths in quick fashion, or lose 16 games in seven seasons.

What it relates to, is that when Daryle Lamonica came to the Raiders, he wasn't exactly treated kindly by the fans out there. For those of you who have no idea who Lamonica was, here's a quick recap.

Lamonica started out with the Buffalo Bills, after getting drafted by both the Green Bay Packers and the Bills in 1963. In Buffalo he would only start four games, stuck behind Jack Kemp and for his first season spent time as the team's punter, kicking 52 times for a 40.1 yard average.

Al Davis, in an effort to shake things up for the Raiders in the 1967 season traded off Tom Flores, a local fan favorite along with Art Powell. The Bills tossed Glenn Bass into the mix, but the key players, Flores and Lamonica, had unique results. Flores, who started 63 games out of 84 for the Raiders would only start four more games in three years as a backup in Buffalo and Kansas City.

Daryle Lamonica would go on to win 62 games as a Raider, including two seasons when he would lose only one game each year, taking the team to their first Super Bowl appearance against the Green Bay Packers.

During his first season in 1967, Lamonica would go 13-1 with 30 touchdowns, 3228 yards passing and helped the Raiders win 11 straight games at one point.

Fans though early on would actually boo this guy.

For some, it was the change of pace from Flores, a guy they had come to love over the first seven years in existence, to a guy who had been a backup for a rival...Al, how could you?

For others, it seemed justified. Even though Oakland won 51-0 in their first game against Denver, Lamonica threw one TD and one INT with 118 yards.

The second g...

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