Oakland Raiders Put a Smile on Our Faces and Trampled over the Seahawks

Hallelujah! We won, again. Now the comments about the inconsistency of the Oakland Raiders will be diminished.

Actually, what else can you do but smile? I know you have been ridiculed on your job, at home, on the golf course and in the gym about being an Oakland Raiders fan.

What are they going to say now, I wonder?

Elias Trejo already wrote a wonderful recap of the game.

Another BR colleague, David, wrote a powerful comment that really should be expanded to a full article.

My call is inspiration and a little analysis. I focus on the passion and spirit of the team.

Collectively, we have been effective in the Raider Nation. It's been teamwork, and it works.

The Oakland Raiders are beginning to play football like they really want excellence.

That type of performance helps them to regain the respect of the fans—and even their opponents.

Are people surprised? Yes, indeed.

Let's just say that the Oakland Raiders have a new attitude, somewhat like Patti LaBelle.

Can you image how they feel this very moment? It must be wonderful.

Now there's nothing wrong with a little celebration, but please don't get too loose and forget that there is a game next week.

And for goodness' sake, if you encounter the "Delilah" who wants to know the secret of your new strength, don't tell her, or she'll betray you and whisper your secret to the opponent.

Each and every game is a different opportunity to demonstrate the "commitment to excellence" that Al Davis has promoted for so many years.

It took this generation of players a little longer to learn the lessons on what it takes to strike fear in their opponents and to push forward during each and every minute of the game.

Nevertheless, the lessons are being learned. Things are looking better.

Guess what? The best is yet to come if they ...

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