Oakland Raiders: Projected Depth Chart—Part 4

If you have been following this series, you'll remember a statement I made in Part-3. I said the defensive line was the most difficult position to predict. Do you remember that? Yeah, well...I lied! The linebacker corps for the Raiders is deeper and more convoluted than I can remember in recent history. There's just one of the three positions that seems to be relatively clear cut, and that is the middle or "Mike" position. There are 10 players listed as linebackers on the Raider's official roster at this moment. All of them are fighting for, at most seven spots on the team, only three of which will be called starters. In this slide show I will do something similar to what I did in Part-3. I will offer more than one option that Raider fans could see come opening day. I do not expect to be 100% correct. I would consider getting half of this right a huge success! Let's get on with it then...Begin Slideshow


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