Oakland Raiders Preseason: Five Things To Watch vs. the Dallas Cowboys

The Oakland Raiders 2010 preseason is about to begin.

For most players, preseason games don't matter a lick. Just look at the 2008 and 2009 Indianapolis Colts. They finished 1-4 and went on to go 12-4 in the regular season.

For the bubble players, preseason games are vital. Some of them are fighting for their families, so that their kids can live a better life than they did.

With that in mind these are the top five reasons to watch, along with a couple movie titles just for fun.

1. Rolando McClain and Jason Campbell

McClain is the quarterback of the defense, and Campbell is the quarterback of the offense.

The more vital player is Campbell. We need him to play at a high level this season.

If McClain is a great mike linebacker, then all the better. Keep this in mind, however.

Patrick Willis, Jon Beason, and DeMeco Ryans have something in common. None of their teams made the playoffs last season. It obviously wasn't their fault, but it proves the point that you need a good quarterback and Gameplan to be successful.

I'm just looking for one or two good drives from Campbell. The Cowboys are a team he's familiar with.

2. John Henderson

I've been hearing mixed reports about Big John lately. I've heard he was dominated by rookie Bruce Campbell, and another time I'm hearing he's stuffing the run.

It's time to see if Henderson still has The Goods, or we'll find out if he was Expendable by the Jaguars.

3. Michael Bennett and Rock Cartwright

Cartwright was Rock Solid a season ago for the Redskins. He was thrust into a starting position because their top two runners got hurt. He also brings some value returning kicks, and possibly playing a little fullback.

Bennett is the classic Raider signing. We'll find out if he still has that 4.3 speed.

4. Kick Returning

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