Oakland Raiders Preparing To Battle the Seattle Seahawks – We Won!

If you only look at the win-loss record for 2009, you may think that the Oakland Raiders may be equally matched in ability when compared to the Seattle Seahawks.

Both teams had a 5-11 win-loss record in 2009. Many of us know that those numbers mean very little since there are personnel changes in both teams.

Focusing on the Oakland Raiders and the fact that they have a pretty good depth chart for quarterbacks, the Raiders will be ready to go on Sept. 2.

Jason Campbell's injury is a little setback but most believe he will be in good shape for the Sept. 2 game with the Seahawks.

Here is some historical data on both teams, from 1978 to 2009:

When you look at the historical data, it becomes clear that the Oakland Raiders had more periods of dominance, overall, when compared to the Seahawks.

Yes, during those past seven years of challenge, the Seahawks did better than Oakland.

Now look at the right endpoint of the graph, and you will see that the curves meet. This means that the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks had the same win-loss record in 2009.

Anything goes in 2010. It is exciting to see what the end is going to be in the Sept. 2 preseason game.

After the loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the Oakland Raiders are sure to work real hard to win the last preseason game of 2010.

Can the Raiders win on Sept. 2? I think so. What do you think?

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