Oakland Raiders: Preparation, Passion, Perserverance, Perpetuity, Power

The game of professional football is a game of power.

The question is: do the young Oakland Raiders give deep thought to the characteristics of what it takes to have power?

The young Oakland Raiders need a lesson on what it takes to become powerful, which is not necessarily popular.

Now, power may not translate to popularity. Quite frankly, there is an old saying that says power breeds contempt.

And that is what happened to the Oakland Raiders. They wielded power so well for so long that they are resented, and some of the rules of the NFL have attempted to control them.

Since the rules are changing and have changed, the ones who want to regain power must also rotate to another dimension and pursue what it takes to transcend that which seeks to control and defeat the Oakland Raiders.

There is a need for lessons on physicality and psychology. The young men must be strong and smart, while also being quick and determined.

So, there is more than one way to defeat an opponent. Control an opponent by out-thinking your opponent; disable him, and then penetrate the opponent's territory.

These lessons on power-plays in life are played out on the playing field, too.

What drives our team in 2010? Is it a passion for victory? Is it the desire to manifest that which has been learned during training?

We have the right to ask questions. And, the negation of a fact is not necessarily an affirmation of an answer to a question. So, I implore you to answer the questions.

In the pursuit of rebuilding a powerful team of young Oakland Raiders who obviously have the physicality, they also need to learn the power of preparation, passion, perseverance, perpetuity, penetration, and protection.

Here is an example from NFL history. Winston Hill, now 68-years old, was a powerful defensive player who also played in...

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