Oakland Raiders’ Preparation Like a Protective, Healing Garden (Gan)

Have you ever planted seeds in a garden? Do you know that the word garden comes from a Hebrew word, "gan"? Well, as usual, I have been doing a lot of research on the Oakland Raiders. 

Here is the thought that came to mind: Just think of a garden as a place of restoration, growth and healing. This very thought applies to what is expected to happen during the training season of the Oakland Raiders, preceding the regular season in 2010.

The Oakland Raiders need restoration, and during the training season is the time that many things are planted, transplanted and nurtured.

For example, when the Oakland Raiders add a new man, say, Jason Campbell or John Henderson to the roster, it is somewhat like transplanting a seedling. When you transplant a seedling as the gardener (the Oakland Raiders' coaches) you must pay intense attention to the situation.

One article says that transplanting tiny seedlings require the gardener to get absorbed in a daily vigil. The vigil of watching and nurturing. So it is with those new men on the Oakland Raiders' roster. They must be watched, nurtured and molded to fit the concept and style of the Oakland Raiders. This is the duty of Tom Cable, Hue Jackson and others.

Once a seedling is planted, the gardener waits for progress to push through the crust of the soil. And, the coaches watch and wait to see the team merge, mesh and get in sync and to operate smoothly and effectively as a team, pushing through the crust of challenges.

Most of all, sowing the seeds of the right attitude, ability, aggression and accountability is like sowing seeds in a garden and waiting each day to see the growth and progress.

Do you want a successful team in 2010? Well, then think about what it takes to be a successful gardener.

It takes

1. Personal responsibility

2. Intense attention

3. Absorption in a daily vig...

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