Oakland Raiders: Pray, Curse or Chant for a New Trend This Halloween-We Won!

The Raider Nation is diverse. Some are tall, some are short; some are quiet and some loud. Some are young and some are old.

The goal today is to get another win to break the trend of non-consecutive wins.

Can it be done? Well, many of us believe it can.

Yes, the victory last week lifted the spirit of the Raider Nation. Wasn't that a good feeling?

A win today, on Halloween of all days, would send a signal that the trend is broken and the Oakland Raiders are free to fly high—or at least higher than last year's performance.

Some of you curse to make a point. Go on, do your thing.

Some of you chant to get a point across, so you, too, should do your thing.

Some of us pray to get a job done or to break away from bad habits or trends.

Whatever you do, just remember that we want a new trend to begin.

There are stories about men who called on "their higher power" to be empowered for victory.

Some of those stories are called testimonies and they are recorded in different types of historical archives.

Was last week a miracle? I don't know.

I do know that a request was made of a man who was a great wide receiver and the request was to pray for more touchdowns. He prayed on the sidewalk on Fourth Street in a small town with a few Raider fans around.

The next thing the fans realized was that a prayer was answered. Then, you may wonder, whose prayer was answered? It doesn't matter whose or which prayer; all most of us feel is gratitude that something very special happened.

The conjecture could be that the prayers of many were answered because the spirit of the Raider Nation had almost slipped too low.

Be grateful that somebody got a prayer through. Now, in your way, call on something for help so that the Oakland Raiders can give another shockingly effective p...

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