Oakland Raiders Position on the Contour of AFC Must Remain High: Just Win, Baby!


The Oakland Raiders will clash with the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. We expect victory, but anything is possible.

It certainly sounds good for the Oakland Raiders to be rising to the top. Let's hope that rise is not blocked by silly mistakes in the upcoming game.

Here is an analysis that needs to be observed:

It certainly sounds good to see that the Oakland Raiders are at the top of the AFC West. A reality check would do us all some good.

For example, if you compute the averages for each of the divisions in the AFC, you see there is room for improvement in the AFC.

The overall average of wins in the AFC is 4.06. Although the Oakland Raiders are at the top in AFC West, there is a tie with the Buffalo Bills in AFC East. A loss would tie the Raiders with the Broncos for the lead in the division after their victory over the Jets Thursday night.

Meanwhile, he AFC South has the lowest average and AFC North has the highest average of 5.25.

Another observation is the NFC overall win average exceeds that of the AFC. Since the goal is for the Oakland Raiders to become a Super Bowl contender, there is still a lot of work to be done.

The manner in which the averages are ordered means that although a narrow analysis yields a result for the Oakland Raiders that is most favorable at this point, a broader comparison with more teams in the NFL indicates that there is a lot of room for improvement.

Based on the Week 10 Standings data from Pro Football Reference, the NFC has an overall win average of 4.18, and that is above the AFC's average of 4.06. Here is a simple chart for the NFC:

  West South North East NFC avg 3 4.25 5.25 4 4.18 It certainly feels good to be the best in the AFC West at this time. However, the Oakland Raiders can't stop now. There is no time to get the "big head" because the team is ...

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