Oakland Raiders: Playoffs or Not, It Has Been a Good Season

The Oakland Raiders reached a few milestones that they haven't reached in a long time with their victory over the San Diego Chargers.

The Raiders, for the first time since 2002, have won at least six games in a season to end a record streak of seven seasons with at least 11 losses.

Second, they won three in a row for the first time since 2002. 

Not only that, but the Raiders have swept the Chargers for the first time since 2001. Coming into the 2010 season, Oakland had lost 13 straight to San Diego. The San Diego sweep also kept Oakland undefeated (4-0) in division play.

Don't judge this article by its title: I will be frustrated if the Raiders miss the playoffs, but I will also take note of the good times that the Raiders have had. 

It feels great to wake up on a Sunday morning in December and have the Raiders playing meaningful games.

But remember that coming into the season, most polls showed that fans expected a .500 season from the Raiders. At 6-6, the Raiders have given us that. 

There are many reasons to look up and be optimistic if the 2010 season fails to reach mid-January. 

Jacoby Ford has emerged as one of the best kick returners in the NFL; Darren McFadden has arrived and his "bust" label has been left in the dust with help from an O-line that has blocked well for him; also, Rolando McClain has made nice, big hits on Darren Sproles and Danny Amendola.

As well as the breakout of the rookies, Jason Campbell has looked hot and cold, but mostly hot lately at QB and I think that another offseason will help him learn the offense and the Raiders will be a much larger force in 2011.


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