Oakland Raiders Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers Will Expect the Run, But a Decoy?

Looking at what the Raiders have done and done well this season, the Steelers have probably broken down film to figure out what weapons to expect.

Darren McFadden.

Zach Miller.

Insert any player who has hands.

The picture for this season, for the Raiders, beyond the first two names, any week another player will perform well. Jacoby Ford, against the Chiefs had a field day. Darrius Heyward-Bey opened up on the Seahawks. Sometimes it also helps when the defense puts on a clinic, such as against Denver, that a team is literally overrun, by halftime.

In the game against the Raiders, the Steelers will probably look at the running game Oakland has and chuckle, setting up a wall. For Jason Campbell, he will be pressed into finding a good, functioning target that can both hang onto the ball and run like mad afterwards.

Enter, Zach Miller and the decoy.

If the Steelers bite, and bring players to stop the run, a quick out can sometimes spring Miller. Likewise, the mention of a four-WR set has been brought up, but since Chaz Schilens is still on the mend this idea hasn't been brought up. However, with Jacoby Ford showing a talent for pulling Campbell's passes down like a center in basketball, maybe it's time for Hue Jackson to dust off that page of plays.

Swing passes to Darren McFadden, out routes and even reverses might pay off, depending on how deep the Steelers' line pushes behind our offensive line. Campbell has shown a good "heads up" perspective, that if his guys can't get open, to take the play downfield himself....and his head down, so he doesn't get injured.

However, Oakland's strength in this game, probably won't be their offense, but what their defense can do to the Steelers.

The Offensive Line for Pittsburgh has seen a number of injuries, added into the equation that this isn't the same team that looked strong to start with. In back to back games...

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