Oakland Raiders Personnel Offseason: Another Look

After a season of regression, the Oakland Raiders really need to play their cards right in free agency and the draft. They have so many needs, there's no telling where the Raiders will start to try to fill them.

Then you have that thing called the salary cap that the Raiders are around $4.5 million over. On top of that, the Raiders don't have a second- or fifth-round pick—making it seem impossible to fill all their needs.  

But it is definitely possible if Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie can put it all together this offseason. This is my third time putting my two cents in and I have to say it is my favorite of all of them.

It covers all of the Raiders' needs and should fit under the salary cap in the process. While the other two articles had the Raiders switching to a 4-3 base defense, this one has the Raiders in the 3-4.

Turn the page to see what I came up with.   

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