Oakland Raiders’ Passion for Victory Will Hog-Tie and Harness the Steelers

One writer assumes that the frustration of the Pittsburgh Steelers losing the home game against the Patriots will be so forceful that they will overcome the Oakland Raiders.

Au contraire, the Oakland Raiders are carrying a level of frustration to be transformed to having the "guts and wits" to defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Granted, the Steelers do not want to lose two consecutive home games. On the other hand, the Oakland Raiders are in a state of mind that they don't want to turn back. Victory is the vision.

The Hebrew root for "change" is heh-peh-kaf, which means "a time of grief and mourning, was transformed into one of festive joy." The concept is mentioned in the story of Haman's forces having the upper hand, yet the opposite happened. The Jewish people were victorious in the story.

In other words, the game is in the Steelers' home stadium. The Oakland Raiders will win, no matter the location.

Some folks believe the frustration of the loss in the home stadium will drive the Steelers to victory Nov. 21.

Au contraire (on the contrary), the Oakland Raiders will transform what naysayers perceive as "grief and mourning" to a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, causing festive joy.

So when naysayers (the Balaams) curse the Oakland Raiders, we assert the conclusion of the powerful Hebrew phrase which reads in a transliterated spelling:

va-yahafokh ha-kelalah li-verakhah, which means "God changed the curse to a blessing."

The prayer is called Ma Tovu and the context is in this quote:

"The biblical passage was first uttered by Balaam, a sorcerer who was hired by the Moabite king Balak to curse the children of Israel, who were nearing his territory on their journey to the promised land. Balaam changed his curse to this blessing after a change of heart brought upon by his more enlightened donkey, who thrice saw an angel of God on their way and finall...

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