Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis Clearing Cap Space, but Who Is He Targeting?

Al Davis has always done things his way.  His approach to the game is different, to say the least, than most other franchises.  Although a lot of people disagree with his ways, you can't forget that he does have three Super Bowl trophies and had his Raiders in position for a fourth in 2002. 

This offseason just started for the Raiders and Al Davis has already made some headlines.  The first was not picking up the option on Tom Cable.  Many believed he should have been retained but third place in a weak AFC West didn't cut it in Al Davis' eye. 

Yesterday news broke that the contract of Pro Bowl CB Nnamdi Asomugha was voided for failing to reach incentives in his deal.  The Raider Nation was left scratching their heads at Al Davis' latest move.  Letting your best player walk isn't the best idea, right?

There is one thing that I've learned as a Raiders fan and that is Al Davis always has something up his sleeve.

By voiding the contract of Nnamdi Asomugha and letting free agent LG Robert Gallery walk, he has cleared up a lot of cap space to make a big move this year.  All there is left to figure out is who is Al Davis going after in free agency. 

Obviously if he doesn't re-sign Asomugha, we will need at least one proven corner to come in and take his spot.  Asomugha is the best but isn't the only top-tier CB available.  Champ Bailey, Jonathan Joseph, Brent Grimes and Carlos Rodgers are all solid CBs. 

Maybe signing one of these guys would play a part in the Raiders getting Nnamdi to come back.  He never really had a top flight CB on the other side of him.  You know he'd love to get paired up with Champ Bailey, forming arguably the best CB tandem the NFL has seen in years.

One thing the Raiders do need is a reliable go-to wide receiver.  Guys like Vincent Jackson, Sidney Rice, Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holm...

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