Oakland Raiders Overcome Injuries, Penalties, Themselves, and the Chiefs To Win

Sunday, November 7, 2010 was a day to remember for Raider fans and Chief fans alike. And remember they will as the Sunday marked the first time in seven years that the game actually means something.

The nastiest rivalry in sports history has been renewed!

Yankees-Red Sox, Bears-Packers, Lakers-Celtics and Ali-Frazier don't even measure up. The Oakland Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs have more hatred for each other than the others combined.

Oakland's McAffee Coliseum even sold out for this one! 

The game itself lived up to all the hype as the Raiders won a knock 'em down, drag 'em out, overtime affair by the count of 23-20. It wasn't a pretty game at all but it was very impressive as the Raiders proved they can overcome adversity to win a close one.

Turn the page to see what they overcame and how they overcame it.

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