Oakland Raiders Opponents Victimized By Black Eye Or Black Cat

Back in the day, part of what made the Oakland Raiders so tough for their opponents was the hangover they had the week following.

A lot of teams would get up for "Raider Week" knowing they had to give it their best shot when they played the Raiders.  They also had to prepare for the physical punishment they knew was coming their way from facing the Silver and Black.

Sometimes the Raiders opponents won, many more times they did not.  Most of the time the Raiders opponents lost their game the following week.

This was the basis for what was called the Raiders mystique.  It indicated when Oakland was playing Raider football.

So far this season, Oakland's opponents are 1-7 in the week after facing the Raiders.

These days its harder to draw a straight line from one week to the next in the NFL.  Partly due to the parity in the league, partly due to the conditioning of modern athletes, there seems to be less correlation between a team's results from week to week.

But injuries do happen.  And dominating results have lingering effects.

So is the current trend for the Raiders opponents the result of carryover from a black eye handed to them by Oakland or just the curse of the league's black cat?

Here's a look from week to week.

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