Oakland Raiders: Only the Strong Survive, Get Up, Set Your Body in Motion!

Former NFL coach Joe Gibbs has experienced an NFL lockout. Gibbs had a coaching career with the Washington Redskins. As a fan, he says, “There’s too much at stake…”

In a recent ESPN article, he’s talking about the NFL lockout and the fact that the negotiations may take so long that the season suffers, one way or another.

As I read Gibbs viewpoint, I thought of the Oakland Raiders and how they are handling this challenging period in NFL history.

Gibbs, now 70, has accomplished a lot in his NFL and NASCAR career. If Gibbs says “I worry about it,” then other fans might also worry about the lockout. Some of the Oakland Raiders are probably doing the same.

When I think about the young Oakland Raiders, some of whom are uncertain about their careers, I wonder if this new generation of players is going to snap back in shape to start a dynamic 2011 season whenever it starts.

Let’s just hope that the Oakland Raiders are spending quality time with their families and in their communities. Let’s hope they spend quality time in their gyms or on  practice fields.

I don’t know how the young Oakland Raiders handle the stress of the situation, but one thing we hope for is dedicated and laser-focused professional athletes who stick to a disciplined plan during offseason and during the 2011 lockout.

The 2011 NFL lockout will probably test the emotional strength of many players. Uncertainty is unsettling to some folks.

Let’s just hope for the best. Let’s also hope the young Oakland Raiders can pass the test of this lockout and that they can hit the ground running once it is over.

Finally, even if the young Oakland Raiders have a misstep in their career somewhat like Gibbs overcame, they can be assured that it is possible to recover, just as Gibbs recovered.

Gibbs said “he called on his ...

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