Oakland Raiders: Only One Man Can Replace Tom Cable in 2011

Once again, the Oakland Raiders will end a season in early January, short of the playoffs. 

This failure to reach the postseason will be the driving force behind speculation about head coach Tom Cable's job security.

Some of the evidence to be used against Tom Cable will be his winning percentage of less than .400 and his revolving door at quarterback.

For his low winning percentage, how many of those losses were with JaMarcus Russell at quarterback?  As to the revolving door at quarterback, he replaced Russell with Bruce Gradkowski in 2009, and Gradkowski won two of three games he played fully. 

So with Gradkowski showing good signs back in 2009, why not go back to him in 2010 with Jason Campbell struggling early on?  Unfortunately, Gradkowski was unable to make any great comebacks this season, but he did rally to beat the Rams.

I support keeping Tom Cable as head coach because the Raiders finally have shown something I haven't seen the previous seven years, improvement. 

But that improvement isn't all from Tom Cable.

Last January, Hue Jackson was hired as offensive coordinator, and Tom Cable didn't know who he was.  Jackson was an Al Davis hire.

There have been rumors that have linked Jackson to head-coaching vacancies in Denver and Minnesota. 

It would be terrible for the Raiders to lose Jackson, especially to Denver.  If Al Davis had to make a choice between promoting Jackson or losing him to a rival, I think he would promote Jackson to head coach in 2011.

A new offense for Jason Campbell to learn in mini and training camps would hurt as well. Instead let him stay in the same system as the previous season for the first time since his college days at Auburn.

Cable has a team option for 2011, but isn't every year a "team option" when Al Davis is the owner?  The only real difference is...

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