Oakland Raiders: Only Believe There Can Be Three Wins Starting with Broncos

A Pep Talk

Tension is building up. Some folks are talking about the tension between the coaches of the Oakland Raiders.

Tension can be good. It can be the fundamental force that gets folks to perform better near the end of the season. Some folks just don't believe it's over yet.

Let's say that some truly believe that the Oakland Raiders can be redeemed in the last three games of the 2010 season. Defeating the Broncos, Colts and the Chiefs is absolutely necessary to convince so many that this year was different from previous years.

Let's hope Kyle Boller is better prepared in case the Raiders need him in Sunday's game. The team has let it all hang out. They are playing rough and touch football. Yes, there are penalties, but as one BR writer says, there seems to be a correlation between the number of penalties and the number of wins.

Taking chances is what it is all about. So, push toward the limit points in the game. Converge toward getting more points and three more victories.

Expand the boundaries of the Oakland Raiders performance. Move toward the edge, and explore new paths and new strategies to make history, again, in 2010.

Jump higher, run faster, hit harder and flip over and land on your feet. Show the unusual amount of athletic ability that we know you have, Oakland Raiders.

Have the grace of a ballerina, the agility of a gymnastic star, the speed of a Olympic track star and the hands of a great wide receiver.

On the defense side, we expect the big Oakland Raiders to have the force of a angry Texas bull, charging and snarling toward any opponent headed in the direction of our quarterback or man with the football.

You can do it. I believe. If more of us would "only believe."

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