Oakland Raiders: One For the Money, Two For Show, Three Get Ready, Four To Go

This year is so exciting some of us feel like youngsters who are getting ready for a big game.

One for the money, if the Chargers lose one of their two remaining games.

Two for the show, if Kansas City Chiefs lose two of their two remaining games.

Three to get ready, if the Oakland Raiders win both of their two remaining games.

Four let's go, if the Oakland Raiders get to the playoffs and win.

If this scenario plays out, then the doors of opportunity fly open and the Oakland Raiders would have a chance to win the conference title.

There would be a shower of blessings if the Oakland Raiders win the conference title and crash the party by being in the Super Bowl. It would confound so many people.

It is mathematically possible. Now, let's see if we have a powerful desire to make it happen.

Who needs this scenario to play out more than any other team in the NFL? The Oakland Raiders do, so that the trolls, naysayers and bullies can be silenced and shut up their mouths in 2010.

Let the games begin in 2010.

The optimal chart could look like this:

Kansas City lose lose   Chargers   lose win   Oakland   win win   Oakland   in playoffs and win   Oakland   in Super Bowl and win


It may seem like "Mission Impossible," but at least there is something to hope for during the rest of the 2010 season.

It's a wonderful world in Oakland Raiders football!

Merry Christmas from Damali and her math consultant, Mr. Boo, a math teacher from Cleveland, Ohio.

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