Oakland Raiders Offseason Power Rankings: Volume Three

With no more media availability untill training camp, this is the third and final edition of the offseason power rankings.

1) Nnamdi Asomugha

The guy continues to amaze me. All-pro, Check. Pro bowl? Check. Well-cultured? Check.

Now he's a journalist. 

Anybody who read Asomugha's terrific MMQB article would agree that he could go pro in several career fields. Filling in for Peter King, the article included Rookie advice, quotes of the week, and his analysis on things not related to football. 

2) Zach Miller

He hasn't grabbed many story lines recently, but we should expect him to be the team's best receiver in training camp. What do you think the odds of him dropping him the bal arel? I say 100-1.

3) Jason Campbell

From every report I've read, they say he looks good and comfortable out there. It should be interesting to see the chemistry between him and Schilens .

4) Richard Seymour

I'm going to keep him here because it's a guarantee he'll be in training camp. When is the bigger question. His contract situation is something to keep an eye on.

5) Michael Bush

Generally, Bush shines a little brighter in training camp. He's a better running back at this point, and he's twenty pounds bigger.

6) Robert Gallery

I've heard that Gallery is much healthier this season. I'll be the judge once training camp comes around. 

7) Chaz Schilens

Very positive news. He's baaaaccckkkk .

Schilens was expected to be out till training camp, but returned much earlier. He is the team's best returning receiver.

8) Rolando McClain

The rookie is the solution to our run defense. What about pass defense? That's his weakest area.

9) Louis Murphy

Murphy has actually been outshined at OTAs by DHB . Training camp is another story. I'd e...

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