Oakland Raiders Offensive Coordinator Hue Jackson’s Playcalling Awful in Week 12

When Hue Jackson became the offensive coordinator and took over play-calling duty, he said that he was going to install a power running game.  He promised on that as the Raiders entered the game against Miami with the second best rushing offense in the NFL.  For some odd reason, he abandoned the running game and decided to air it out.

Darren McFadden received just eight rushing attempts.  I know he didn't do anything with those eight carries, totalling just two yards, but you have to give him more tries at their defense than that.  The Raiders ran the ball just 12 times combined today.  That is not what had the Raiders in first place in the AFC West a couple weeks ago. 

The game was never out of reach until the end, so I don't know why Hue thought it was best to have Gradkowski slinging the ball around instead of handing it off to our best player.  Another thing is we aren't even using Michael Bush.  He and McFadden are supposed to be a one-two punch.  With the QB issues we have, Hue Jackson should have had a run-heavy game plan going into the game. 

Our time of possession for the game was a terrible 18 minutes.  That's what happens when you have your QB throw the ball 32 times and give the ball to your starting RB just eight times. 

Bottom line is the play calling was terrible.  Hue Jackson needs to get back to pounding the ball at the defense.  You can't just abandon the run if it's not working early.  You have to stay committed to what we do best.

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