Oakland Raiders Now Have the Cohesion to Turn Organization Around

"The game has passed Al Davis by!"

"The Raiders will never win again until Al Davis dies or gives up control!"

The owner is responsible for his team and the Raiders did have seven straight losing seasons. But this goes much deeper than just one man as the whole organization from top to bottom must be on the same page.

From my Raider memories, tell me who the coach of the Raiders was and I'll tell you how they did that year. Davis does like for things to be done a certain way but he does give his coaches a chance to do their thing.

Whoever that coach is better win doing it their way or the door will be pointed to him soon. Even if the coach  tries to do it Davis' way, winning is the most important thing so he better be good at doing it Davis' way.

During the Raiders championship years, they had great coaches whose philosophies coincide with Davis'. From 2002 to 2009, the Raiders had coaches whose philosophies didn't match or they just couldn't execute it.

As his offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson  showed he was on the same page as Davis. In the process, he took the No. 31 ranked offense in 2009 to the top 10 in 2010, earning him the head coaching position.

Jackson has hired a coaching staff that he believes also fits he and Davis' vision. Cohesion in the Raiders' organization should help put the Raiders back on top soon. 

Turn the page to see how evidence from the past shows this should be the case.

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