Oakland Raiders Now Have the Best Backfield in the NFL

At the half way mark of the season, the Kansas City Chiefs have the league #1 ranked rushing attack. However, I believe the Raiders have the best tandem at running back in the NFL.

The Raider defense stopping the Chief's tandem of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles could help the Raiders move up one spot to lead the league in rushing.

But let's not focus so much on stats.

Jamaal Charles gets his yards after Thomas Jones wears the defense down. Charles is clearly not the kind of guy that can carry the load himself.

Ahmad Bradshaw looks to be able to carry the load for the Giants but Brandon Jacobs is no longer that guy. LaDainian Thomlinson looks like himself again for the Jets but Shonn Green doesn't appear ready for the bull's eye on his back yet.

The Raiders came in on another boat.

Both of their guys can carry the load themselves.

Bush does have a 100-yard game in McFadden's stead.

They've been in the league a few years and not done much so where did these guys come from?

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